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The Shark: Best at Westport on Friday
Thu, 27 Dec 2018

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Race 1

3 Rockntommy Rulz:Tragedy beaten on the first day after getting trapped away on the markers. That won’t happen here. Favourite punters will be off to a perfect start to the day.

2 Madame Frost:Chased hard behind an impressive winner here on day one. Drawn to get a nice economical trip again and shouldn’t be one half of the quinella.

9 Matthew Eyre:Whacked away OK on the first day - but seems a bit one paced. Might get driven to suit today and can be a player.

4 Old Oak Ellie:Blair Orange gave her every chance on Day One and a solid placing was the result. Looking for all favours again, but can fill a placing.

Selections: 3-2-9-4

Race 2

6 Wilson Street:Fresh legs to the meeting and set for this race. Will be looking to make the most of the opportunity and has trialled up like a horse who will win races quickly too.

8 Ford Rule:Punters burnt on the opening day after backing it into microscopic odds. They should be a bit more wary here and while a good chance, he’s no stand out.

9 Santanna Lad:Fought on bravely enough from a nice trip on Boxing Day. Might go searching for the speed here and can be a player.

1 Sister’s Delight:Too far back on Day One, but got home OK. Handier to the speed here and a live chance of filling a top four spot.

Selections: 6-8-9-1

Race 3

7 Matua Tana:Lobbed into a handy spot then blew apart on day one. Clearly has a motor. Clean round just about wins it.

10 Escargo:Surprisingly beaten on Day One - should be better for the experience though and with manners a big chance of going one better here.

8 Easy Pickings:Snuck up the markers late and hit the line strong on Wednesday. Wider draw should see a better position found today and can sneak a placing.

1 Tequila Sunset:Hard to make ground on first day but did so nicely. Drawn to cover no extra ground so a good chance here.

Selections: 7-10-8-1

Race 4

1 Full Of Hope:Hit the line really strongly on Wednesday. Still learning the game and taking on race winners but has to be a good chance of getting a big slice of this today.

13 Lady Beatrix Bourbon:Lobbed a handy spot then galloped two days ago. Has a huge motor, but a risky prospect. Clean round and she’ll be awfully hard to catch.

11 Sunny Glenis:Tough effort on opening day and clearly in her happy place around this track. Repeat performance and she goes close.

6 Shpeedy:Mistake on the first day didn’t help but there was too much encouraging signs in fresh up effort to drop on one bad performance.

Selections: 1-13-11-6

Race 5

3 Jafa Kitten:Brings fresh legs into this after a luckless run at Motukarara earlier in the month. Gate speed to land on the speed and with manners should be very hard to beat.

6 Baker Creek:Another brave effort on day one. Drawn better today and should be taking up a forward position which gives him a good chance of getting that elusive victory.

2 Bush Man:Did a power of work on the first day and kept coming at the line. Better suited from this draw and should be in the top three.

8 Been To Jenny’s:Flew at them late on Wednesday and similar tactics likely here. Can get a slice again too.

Selections: 3-6-2-8

Race 6

11 Fortune Tiller:Quite simply massive on Wednesday after an early speed dual before fighting very strongly in the run to the line. Looks a live chance to go a couple of spots better today against a similar field.

3 Franco Nubolt:Horrible on Wednesday, absolutely horrible. But, he’s much better than that so we shan’t put the line through him yet .

4 Malinka:Boomed home late from well back on the first day. Has made a habit of doing that so far in the career and can do the same again here.

8 Markham Eyre:Strong introduction to the racing game with a bold fourth on first day. Like stablemate earlier, might be better launching at them and trying to run them into the ground than sprinting at them.

Selections: 11-3-4-8

Race 7

10 Nui Ba Den:Continued to improve with a bold second on day one, probably could have been a win if not for going rough. Same field, better draw - has to go close to winning today.

2 Rocknroll Nevin:Putting together a strong record on the course and was very good when fresh up on Wednesday. Good draw and Jimmy Curtin pulling the strings make him a leading contender.

9 Garry’s Legacy:Tried to run them into the first on first day but it came undone. Better suited sitting back and launching it would appear.

3 Pine Cone:Honest horse who is no superstar but should step away and get himself on the speed and try and whack away from there. Can fill a top four spot.

Selections: 10-2-9-3

Race 8

14 My Wee Man:Brave effort on the first day after working overtime. Was too good for most of these two starts back at Rangiora and with a slightly easier passage today he should be very hard to beat.

5 Just N Awe:One of many who caught the eye on day one when booming home up the markers. On the speed today and he’s a dangerous prospect.

12 Copperhead Rose:Threw the white flag up early in the Westport Cup, but many lengths better than that. Will get into the race at some stage and look to bully his way to success.

6 Midfrew Tarepdiem:10-year-old but racing very well - got home strongly late from well back on the first day and handier to the speed today he’s a great place chance.

Selections: 14-5-12-6

Race 9

1 Bright Glow:Great run behind Belmont’s Greatest on Wednesday. Getting better with every run and should be able to land handy to the speed here and give them something to try and catch late.

8 Lovey Dovey Moment:Dominant victory on the first day and horses who produce efforts like that are usually hard to beat on the back up. A big chance to go back-to-back.

12 Valley Star:Big effort on the first day after an early break. Clearly stronger this time in and with a clean getaway can be a major player.

13 Belmont’s Greatest:The other first day winner who was very good as well. 10 metres back today, but a swift beginner so should eat that margin up pretty quickly.

Selections: 1-8-12-13

Race 10

8 Vinnie Rulz:Caught the eye with a big finishing burst on Wednesday after getting trapped away on the markers. No danger of that here and should be very hard to beat.

16 Johnny White:In great nick and gave most of these a headache on Day One. Tougher from today’s draw but going too good not to include in all options.

4 Be Mine Tonight:Great run on Wednesday and should be better for it. Gate speed to lead them up early and won’t shirk the challenge if allowed to dictate her own terms.

14 Articulight:Liked his run on Boxing Day, really got home late after working into the race. Will have to do the same again but can be a player.

Selectios: 8-16-4-14

Race 11

8 The Kaik:No luck on Day One, but was booming home late in the piece when finding clear air. Did the same 12 months ago and won on this day so no reason why he can’t do it again.

12 Let’s Hustle:Sam Ottley elects this one over multiple stablemates so take a strong pointer from that. Was brave on the first day and despite the draw has to be a player again.

14 Fun In The Dark:Did a power of work on Day One and didn’t shirk the challenge at all. Has to get around them all but going good enough to do it.

11 Rock N Joy:Got favourite punters home on Day One and should be able to go on with it. No forlorn hope here.

Selections: 8-12-14-11

BEST: 3 Rockntommy Rulz (Race 1)

NEXT: 3 Jafa Kitten (Race 5)

VALUE: 8 The Kaik (Race 11)

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