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Australasian Young Drivers Championship
Wed, 13 Sep 2017

The Australasian Young Drivers Championship has been confirmed for 2017 and will be held in Brisbane, Australia at Redcliffe and Albion Park.

The dates for the Championship are Tuesday 12 thDecember 2017 to Sunday 16 thDecember 2017.

In determining New Zealand’s entrants HRNZ believes the most appropriate way of doing this is to base it on the 2016/17 Junior Driver Premiership. It is felt that having the series in December 2017 is too early to base it on driving results from the 2017/18 season.

Accordingly the following criteria has been applied to determine our representatives:

  • The driver must not have attained the age of twenty five (25) years at the date of the commencement of the Australian or New Zealand racing season (2017/18 season).
  • If the leading Junior Driver’s (Leading overall, North & South) do not meet the above criteria the position will be offered to the next qualifying Junior Driver.
  • The leading Junior Driver from the 2016/17 season will represent New Zealand.
  • The leading North Island Junior Driver from the 2016/17 season will represent the North Island.
  • The leading South Island Junior Driver from the 2016/17 season will represent the South Island.
  • Drivers attending the Australasian Young Drivers Championship in 2017 based on the above criteria are:

  • Sheree Tomlinson (New Zealand Representative)
  • Dylan Ferguson (North Island Representative)
  • Kimberly Butt (South Island Representative)
  • Congratulations to our reprsentatives. 

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